What happens if you speak too fast?

If you are speaking to a group and your rate of speech is very fast, your audience will tune you out and mentally make plans for dinner or whatever.  Now, how to address it. Be assured that this will greatly enhance your articulation. That is, emphasize the last sound of each word you speak. This may sound odd for you at first but will sound very polished to the listener. I assure you.

Also, pause. No more than six (6) words at a time without a pause. Even less….than six…will work….nicely.

Also, use a full voice. It may sound odd to you for a while, but not to the audience. No one ever talks down to someone using a full voice.

If you have faced the challenge of speaking too fast, please feel free to share in the comment section below any techniques you may have incorporated to address this challenge.  Be assured many will appreciate any workable suggestions.

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Dr. Greg Little is a nationally known speaker and motivator. He has presented seminars on Laughter, Substance Abuse Treatment & Mental Health Treatment extensively throughout the United States. His book, "Rise Above: Conquering Adversities," has sold in ten (10) countries and helped countless individuals realize they are limited only by their ability to adapt.