During one of Dr. Little’s presentations, I was laughing so hard that tears were literally streaming down my face!

Dr. Ed Kesgen
Sylva, NC

The presenter was very engaging. He got us up and moving, which was much needed. What a wonderful change! Excellent presentation and thanks for sharing your story!
Ohio Speech-Language & Hearing Association

Greg Little is one of the best performers I have ever seen!  The way he speaks brings joy to all listeners. You can see a special smile on everyone’s face.   
Elma Briscoe – Waters
Austin, Texas

Thank you! You are truly gifted in your field! You have such a wonderful way of making learning fun!
Nicki Johnson
Liberty, KY

Your session was very good. I wish all speakers were as funny and interesting! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
Janice Thomas
Wheaton, IL

You will be GREAT, my friend!
Reed Kailing, former lead guitarist for The Grass Roots, Badfinger & Player
Mequon, WI

Greg Little is a superb speaker! This is an excellent investment in continuing education!
Nancy DeBolt
Torrington, WY

One of the most energized, creative, and innovative presentations I have ever experienced.
Jim Brennan; National Consultant
Wilbraham, MA

Thank you for the wonderful seminar. Whenever I hear you speak I really get en-energized and motivated. You are GREAT!!
Lisa Avernmarg; Jackson, MS

This is the first time I felt someone in charge met my needs; Thank you for reminding me why I love my job; Greg is well prepared and dynamic!
Evaluations from Ohio Health Care Assn.

Your presentation got rave reviews!
Dr.Deidre McGowan, MS Rehab Tri-Alliance

The best session. He should be at every convention.
Myrtle Klauer; Addison, IL

The conference in Massachusetts was terrific….good job!
Terri Patti; Fairfield, CT

Your humor, expertise, and practical ideas are terrific.
Sherry Palmer; Shreveport, LA

The Association wishes to THANK YOU for one of the most enjoyable, energetic, and informative presentations ever! What FUN!
Carol Calhoun; Hendersonville, TN

After your session, I felt so productive, enthusiastic, and excited for the rest of the day. EXCELLENT JOB!!!
Paula Helmueller; LaCrosse, WI

Wow, were your evaluations great! Greg, you impressed quite a few administrators that they are recommending we bring you back.
Carol Behnke; Richmond, VA

Dr. Little was not only informative, but he was also entertaining. This is the second program I have attended by Dr. Little. Both different – both great!
Evaluations from Arkansas Health Care Assn

Thank you so much for the wonderful presentation you shared in New Jersey. It was invigorating. You were marvelous!
Beth Sander; Ocean Spring, NJ

The best ever and I mean to bring him back.
Evaluations from the Florida Health Care Activity Coordinators’ Assn.