Rise Above is applicable to anyone, who has faced challenges!

Rise Above is a detailed description of my journey of conquering adversity. You will read how I survived a near-fatal motor vehicle accident, which resulted in three skull fractures, a bruised brain, an eight-day coma and having to relearn how to walk and talk – made all the more challenging by a lingering speech impediment acquired in childhood.

Stuttering is an awful burden for a person to carry throughout life. Children can be cruel. The my utmost fear, speaking in public, would one day be an ally and allow me to present programs extensively throughout the Untied States.

Normally, our children bare the task of planning our funeral. It is not “normal” for parents to plan their child’s funeral; unfortunately, life is not always “normal.” You will read how I faced his greatest challenge….the death of my child. You will also read about the tools and support systems my family andI found vital when confronted with the journey of grief.

This book is not about curing an adversity; however it is about thriving in spite of an adversity.

This is a must read for anyone facing a challenge in life.

What do other readers say about Rise Above: Conquering Adversities?

“Greg Little’s book, Rise Above, is his story of persevering and enduring in spite of overwhelming obstacles. The book is sprinkled throughout with bits of humor, making it an excellent read.”  – mimsy0526

“I started reading and could not stop until I had finished the whole book. It’s just an awesome read! Touched my heart.” – Janet M.

“I feel that there are some books that change your perspective, and there are some books like that are like gold and change your life. This book is like GOLD.” – Marie Rothman

“It was captivating. How Dr. Little overcame physical & emotional challenges, resulting from a traumatic brain injury, made this book difficult to put down.” – L Evans

“A very optimistic and encouraging account of such a personal tragedy. Humor was certainly an excellent tool to use to get through those hard times. I have purchased to give as gifts to others. Very good read.”  – Jill Taylor

“Highly recommend this book. It is an awe inspiring read. I am ordering several copies for gifts. I consider myself a “Steel Magnolia,” but tears flowed down my face.” – Sharon Jarrett

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I love how the author was able to keep such a positive attitude with all the adversities he has faced. I’m sure this seminars are well received and a lot of fun. For me, laughter is the best medicine and I will reread as “life” happens.” – Gloria Weathers