Dr. Greg Little

Greg Little’s seminars offer participants the opportunity to learn by doing. His book, Rise Above: Conquering Adversities, has been an inspiration for many people globally to overcome their personal challenges.

Dr. Greg is a nationally known speaker and motivator. He has presented seminars on Laughter, Substance Abuse Treatment & Mental Health Treatment extensively throughout the United States. Dr. Greg has pulled together his education (including a B.S. in Therapeutic Recreation and a Ph.D. in Adult Education) and employment background to lead dynamic seminars. Whether teaching participants to cope with stress, bond as a productive group, or realize their hidden strengths, his seminars are hard-hitting and memorable.

Dr. Little was not only informative, but he was also entertaining. This is the second program I have attended by Dr. Little. Both different – both great!

Evaluations from Arkansas Health Care Assn

Are you looking for ideas to strengthen self-confidence for yourself or a friend?  Are you facing adversity that is holding you back from the life you desire?  Dr. Little was personally challenged with a speech impediment from a very early age and having to relearn to walk & talk following a serious automobile accident and prolonged coma at age 18.

Would you like your life to change/improve?  Then, perhaps Dr. Little’s book, Rise Above: Conquering Adversities, will be inspirational, helpful, and of significant value to you.

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